Our Strath Lodge safety precautions

We would be grateful if all our Guests could read the information below to ensure you are prepared for your stay with us.

Arrival and Check-In

   There will be hand sanitiser at the entrance to and exit from the property if you could please use this throughout your stay whilst entering and exiting.
   We ask that guests don’t arrive earlier than the 4pm check-in time and, if possible, it would be great if you could let us know when you plan to arrive.  This is to give us the time to ensure your room is thoroughly deep cleaned before you arrive.
   To facilitate social distancing, we can only check-in one set of guests at a time, so we will ask you to wait in the porch and we will come and meet you there.
   If you need help with your luggage please let us know on arrival and we will be happy to help and leave this outside your room.
   We have lots of space for parking with enough room to leave a full parking space between you and other guest vehicles.

During your Stay

•   We will be wearing face coverings to meet you, throughout breakfast service and when cleaning rooms.  In line with the latest government advice you must wear a face covering when not in your room or seated in the dining room.
•   Hand sanitiser is provided in the dining room but please continue to wash your hands often and for 20 seconds.
•   Room servicing – We will not enter your room on a daily basis, however we have provided a basket to place crockery, water etc that need replenishing.  Just place this outside your door before 10am (or tell us what you need) and we’ll get you topped up!
   Anti-bacterial wipes will be provided in your room for your use whilst staying with us.
   As part of the deep clean of the room, all hospitality trays will be replaced after each guest.
   We have had to remove all our lovely Harris Tweed cushions and throws temporarily but if you need a blanket one is provided in the dresser drawers.  If you do use this, please leave it on the bed for laundering.

Breakfast Service

   Breakfast sittings will be staggered to enable each room to arrive at separate times unless rooms are in the same party. These will be at 8.00, 8.15, 8.30 and 8.45. If you would like a particular sitting or need a slightly different time please let us know when booking, otherwise it will be arranged on a first come first served basis when you check-in.
•   Our breakfast menu will now be pre-order, but don’t worry, we will still be offering a hearty full cooked breakfast.
   In line with government recommendations we will wear face coverings for serving breakfast.


•   Guest rooms will be deep cleaned after every departure, all bed linen including pillow protectors will be freshly laundered.
   Frequent touch points will be cleaned on a regular basis during the day e.g. front door handles, stair bannisters, room door handles, etc.
•   In the dining room all tables, chairs, condiments and surfaces will be sanitised after breakfast.  We even keep your same table during your stay.
•   Approved products will be used for cleaning rooms, the dining area and frequently touched surfaces as advised by the authorities.

Most importantly, if you suspect you have been in contact with or have symptoms of Covid19 please get in touch prior to your arrival.  We can amend your booking and you should follow government guidelines for self-isolating.  If you show any symptoms whilst visiting please notify us, remain isolated in your room and we will advise according to current govermen/nhs regulations.

We pride ourselves on giving a warm and friendly welcome to Strath Lodge, these adjustments to the normal service are there for yours, other guests and our safety. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to email or phone us on 01855 811820 and we will be happy to help.

Many thanks,
Dawn and Laurence